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    Cracking up is no laughing matter

    Cracking up is no laughing matter


    Cracking up is no laughing matter

    Some housing disrepair claims are exceptionally serious, to the point where landlord’s have no option but to move the tenant out of the property in order to carry out major structural works.

    This situation affected our client Mrs. H. Our client was forced to reside in a property which had a serious issue with structural cracking which not only had an impact on Mrs. H’s property, but also affected the entire building! The structural cracks were so severe that over time they were increasing in size and allowed draught to enter the property making it bitterly cold. It had quickly become apparent that this was a serious issue related to subsidence.  Mrs. H had tried everything to mitigate the bitterly cold conditions within the property, even using old clothes and rags in order to fill in the cracks temporarily. Mrs. H was at her last tether with her West London Council when she instructed Arkas Law.  We visited Mrs. H at her property and assured her that the problems she and her family were facing were of a serious nature and were not to be taken lightly. We reminded her that every tenant has the right to reside in safe and habitable accommodation and informed her that Arkas Law do their utmost in order to get her the justice that her and her family deserved. Following Mrs. H’s instruction of Arkas Law of her Housing disrepair claim, we promptly wrote to the Council detailing the substantial defects affecting our clients property along with other supporting evidence. Much to the delight of our client and Arkas Law, we received an almost immediate admission of liability from the landlords in relation to the disrepair, and an agreement of the fact that the severity of the issues left no option but to move Mrs. H and her family out of the property on a permanent basis, in order to carry out the necessary extensive remedial works to the building as a whole.

    The Council offered our client two properties to view, before Mrs. H agreed to a like for like property within the area that was suitable for the needs of her and her family alike. In addition to this, Arkas Law was happy to inform our client that she would also be receiving £1,500 in compensation for her housing disrepair claim. This was a great result for Mrs. H and her family, and whilst Arkas Law can not compel landlords to move our clients out of the property, there are occasionally instances where disrepair issues are so major (in this case works to the entire building) that a move is the only option.

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