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    Say Goodnight to the Damp

    Say Goodnight to the Damp


    Say Goodnight to the Damp

    Mrs. A’s property had been suffering from a serious case of disrepair for the past 5 and a half years due to a number of issues, the most significant of which was rising dampness which had had a consequential effect of intense mould growth affecting the kitchen, living room and downstairs bathroom.

    She took all reasonable steps to try to get the problem remedied, by notifying her Housing Association by telephone and email, even though they carried out a number of inspections and wiped down the mould the inherent problem was not rectified and the mould returned.  The mould caused a number of her and her families belongings to be damaged and even caused her children to be forced to take days off school due to coughs and colds and visits to the GP. Mrs. A felt that she had nowhere to turn until she contacted Arkas Law. Following our involvement, and an independent environmental health survey being carried out, the Housing Association not only acknowledged the defects within her property but also admitted liability for the housing disrepair claim.

    Thanks to Arkas Law, and due to the severity of the problems, our client was moved into temporary accommodation whilst substantial repair works were carried out to address the cause of the dampness, the saturated plasterwork, the mould growth and the spoilt decorations. In addition, and after some intense negotiations, we were glad to be able to facilitate an award of £3,900 in compensation for our client which encompassed the long term stress and inconvenience, second hand value of damaged items and the attached medical issues suffered on the part of her children. Arkas Law is both happy and thankful that Mrs. A and her family can now enjoy their property free from mould, disrepair and embarrassment!

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