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    The Importance of providing access in housing disrepair claims

    The Importance of providing access in housing disrepair claims

    A common issue with housing disrepair claims is where a tenant refuses to allow access to landlords. Landlord’s will argue that under the terms of the tenancy agreement, a tenant must provide access to the landlord. Therefore, denying access would mean the landlord is prevented from carrying out its repair duties.

    This being said, Landlord’s should provide 24 hours notice of their intention to attend a clients property, and the tenant should then respectfully either allow access or make alternative arrangements. Where continued access is denied, the landlord does have the right to apply to Court for an injunction to gain access into a tenant’s property. With this in mind, when taking on a housing disrepair claim, Arkas Law always try to ensure that, where works have been mutually agreed, access is not an issue, since this could have a detrimental effect on a tenant’s overall claim/settlement.

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