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    Pest infestation

    Pest infestation



    Pest infestation

    Pest infestation can cause severe stress and inconvenience in a tenant’s property. Infestation by rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs can commonly arise as a result of disrepair or poor building design, irrespective of the cleanliness of your home.

    Rodents in the home can cause significant damage throughout, for example:

    • damage to electrical cabling;
    • brick;
    • wood;
    • gas pipes.

    Furthermore, pest infestation is prejudicial to health and brings with it the possibility of disease and the contamination of food stuffs. If you have suffered from infestation since or shortly after commencement of your tenancy, it is likely that there are structural defects present that led to such. Holes and/or defects in the walls and/or floors used by rodents to gain access into the property are generally the responsibility of your Landlord.

    You should be aware that your Landlord have a responsibility for the prevention of rodent infestation from the start of the tenancy and an infestation that originates at a later date due to any breach of the Landlord’s repairing covenants, which in this instance is a necessity to ensure the structure and exterior of the property are kept in good repair.

    If serious pest infestations, such as rodents and cockroaches are not addressed adequately and within a reasonable time after you have given notice, this could have a consequence of allowing your home to become uninhabitable.

    Pest infestation can result in Electrical Faults and Water Leaks.

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