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    Heating Faults

    Heating Faults



    Heating Faults

    If you rent your home there are a number of repair issues which would be the Landlord’s responsibility, in addition to the structure and exterior. Under heating faults these include:

    • Heating and hot water installations;
    • Baths;
    • Sinks;
    • Other sanitary systems

    Your property inevitably necessitates a regular and reliable heating/hot water system for which the Landlord is responsible to provide. Further to this, the Landlord also has an obligation to offer a sound heating installation in most cases.

    Common heating faults associated with the above include:

    • Defective heating e.g. leaking/inadequate radiators;
    • Boiler problems that causes water to not heat up properly or not heat up entirely;

    Further consequences as a result of defective or ineffective radiators and/or heating systems include an increased prevalence of mould growth within the property, in addition to an increased frequency of colds and chests infections.

    Please note that any terms within your tenancy that indicate hot water and heating systems are the tenant’s responsibility would be considered illegal. Any heating faults are the landlords responsibility.

    If there are significant issues with the heating and/or boiler installations that are not addressed adequately and within a reasonable time after you have given notice, this could have a consequence of allowing your home to become uninhabitable.

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