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    Housing Providers

    Arkas Law has a specialised housing disrepair and statutory nuisance department that assist housing providers; housing associations, private landlords and Council’s nationwide that are faced with a number of disrepair and statutory nuisance claims against them.

    Tenants often allege to suffer from a variety of sub-standard housing conditions that have caused distress, inconvenience, damaged possessions and consequential health problems. It is evident that unfortunately, there are a significant amount of rental properties in the United Kingdom that inevitably suffer from disrepair, whether it be due to oversight or the large burden on landlord’s, to ensure all properties are habitable as per housing guidelines and within their financial constraints. This can bring about conditions of damp and mould, mice and insect infestation, water leaks, heating and electrical issues and other problems that go unaddressed.

    Unfortunately, further to this, there are an increasing amount of disrepair and statutory nuisance claims made by tenants against housing providers, in an effort to be unnecessarily rehoused, or to receive compensation for claims which have no merit and for properties that have been damaged or neglected as a result of their failure to adhere to the terms within their tenancy agreement.

    It can be expensive for housing providers to defend against these claims. Arkas Law have the necessary expertise and contacts to ensure that all claims are defended vigorously and efficiently, with costs kept reasonable, and claims for damages restricted.

    If you would like to discuss our housing provider services and how we may be able to help you or your organisation, please contact,

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