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Housing Disrepair and Rent Arrears

Tenants often question why they should pay rent when their property is suffering from serious disrepair. As such, many tenants withhold rent on the ground that their landlord has failed to uphold their responsibility of carrying out repair works to the property. In the circumstances whilst it is understandable why many tenants feel this way, […]

Homelessness and ‘Social Cleansing’

Over recent months, we have heard the term “social cleansing” being thrown around the media more and more. But, what exactly does this mean? “Social cleansing” relates to the uprooting of homeless families into accommodations outside of London by London Councils. But, why is this happening? There are a number of factors that play a […]

London is turning into Paris – fears of gentrification of London

On Thursday 14th May 2015, a thought provoking article appeared in the Evening Standard which compared the current lack of affordable housing across all socio – economic groups to that of Paris, where gentrification of inner city areas has led to poorer people being pushed out into the suburbs.  It’s apparent that housing policy over successive […]