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The homeless people – a priority need?

As of 13th May 2015, single homeless people will no longer have to prove that they are particularly vulnerable in comparison to other homeless people in order to qualify for support. The Supreme Court heard three joint appeals by homeless people: Johnson, Hotak and Kanu, backed by evidence from charities Crisis and Shelter. In each case […]

Unsafe homes

A report (based on research by the UK think-tank New Policy) which was made available on the 21st May 2015 highlights the fact that landlords are earning £5.6bn a year by renting out unsafe homes which fail to meet Legal standards, and also includes £1.3bn in housing benefit. A Citizens Advice study revealed that 740,000 […]

The Importance of providing access in housing disrepair claims

A common issue with housing disrepair claims is where a tenant refuses to allow access to landlords. Landlord’s will argue that under the terms of the tenancy agreement, a tenant must provide access to the landlord. Therefore, denying access would mean the landlord is prevented from carrying out its repair duties. This being said, Landlord’s […]