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    Amanda Remy – House Disrepair

    Amanda Remy – House Disrepair


    Amanda Remy – House Disrepair

    Hi my name is Amanda. I am a single mother with two children. I live In a small one bedroom flat on the top floor. Shortly after I moved into the property, I started to notice things that needed to be repaired that were affecting my property.

    I kept on calling the repairs team to try and get my problems solved but nothing was being done . Gradually, as time went on, things got worse – my radiators started to over heat which then later caused my daughter second degree burns. The mould in my bedroom also gradually worsened even though I tried to clean it regularly. I was also suffering at night because there was so much draught coming through the windows, which meant we constantly had coughs and colds. I spoke to my family about all my problems and I finally had enough, so I decided I need to find a solicitor to help me fight my case and get things fixed. Pran Shantikumar was highly recommended by a friend, who had also previously helped my friend with flying colours. I then arranged a meeting with Pran, who was very nice and very sincere about my problems. He attended my property, took pictures straight away and gave me positive feedback that my case was very strong . After involvement from Arkas Law, I had an independent Environmental Health Officer come out, carry out an inspection and write a report, which proved to be incredibly useful. Arkas Law took my Landlord to Court, and despite not even needing to attend, they won my case and I was so happy with the result .

    I got new double glazed windows, all of my heaters were replaced and I also got compensation of £1800 pounds which covered all the damages . I highly recommend Pran and Arkas Law.

    Amanda Remy

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